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I drew a wallpaper!! ZWEI <3 

You don’t know how much important is this image!!!


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is it actually really that hard to believe this guy was once a professional model?

A professional gnome model
Well…. yes, it’s a bit hard to believe. 

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special delivery


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For your viewing pleasure, jack slapping Gavin so hard he fell over

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Alchu….. motherf**ker, Sorachi did it, he finally parodied Pokemon and just in time for the chapter number 500 of Gintama. F*ck the story, this is all Gintama needs to keep it going.

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and their relationship had started off so well…


Man, that fucking bird, at the end of the video I just wanted to murder ir 

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There’s actually a f****g full song for the Love Hime anime in Yowamushi Pedal.

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please watch this

even if you’re not into yowa please watch this video

I need this song. I’m expecting a release of it.

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I just found my favorite song of the series. It’s going straight to my phone.
Red vs Blue Season 9
Song: On your Knees
Artist: Jeff Williams (feat. Sandy Lee Casey & Lamar Hall)

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That ending~   D:
The World God Only Knows Ch.267

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Mai-High Festival: Chihiro Kosaka - Hajimete Koi wo Shita Kioku

Once again, I just want to hurt my feelings with this song T_T

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The “Ramen Girl”, Uemoto Sumire

Finally a post about her. She was a really good heroine.

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This has to be the best ending ever. I want to grow up like Seki-kun…. oh wait :(